Eastern Sierra Foundation

Cerro Coso Community College Bishop Campus

Eastern Sierra Foundation awards 60 scholarships each semester to Cerro Coso Community College Bishop Campus Students

The Eastern Sierra Foundation’s focus is to enhance the academic environment of the Bishop campus of the Eastern Sierra College Center. The Foundation supports the academic pursuits of local students through its annual scholarship program.

The Eastern Sierra Foundation Scholarship is available to any California resident (at least one year residency required, not only for high school graduates) who resides in Inyo County. Applicants must attend Cerro Coso Community College, the Bishop Campus.

Open registration for Eastern Sierra Foundation Scholarships.

The Eastern Sierra Foundation, formed to enhance community through higher education in the Eastern Sierra, has created the Eastern Sierra Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is available to any California resident (at least one year residency required) who resides in Inyo County.

All first-time applicants also need to fill out the EOPS Application.

Please contact ESCC DA II, Sarah Land at sarah.land@cerrocoso.edu or 760-872-5300 for more information.

Fill out the 2024 Scholarship Application

The deadline for the scholarship is August 22, 2024.

Eastern Sierra Scholarship Application

The Signature Program – Community College Full Ride

The primary purpose of this full ride scholarship to Cerro Coso Community College is to encourage potential Inyo County students (Including Benton residents) to enroll and attend classes at the Bishop campus and work toward an educational goal such as obtaining an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, and or complete a significant number of general education units for students planning to transfer to a university. The scholarship is available for Fall and Spring semesters only and the scholarship application is available on the Bishop campus at Admissions and Records or at the Counseling Office. The applications are available when registration begins.

The Scholarship pays for ALL COURSE ENROLLMENT FEES plus up to a maximum of $500 for required text book fees. It is only available to students attending the Bishop campus.

The Scholarship is first come, first served and will remain in effect to support 60 students each semester as long as funding is available to support the program. Scholarship requirements and benefits may change at any time. Please check with Cerro Coso Admissions and Registration for the latest information.

Transfer Scholarships

In addition to supporting the ESF signature funding; a full ride scholarship to Cerro Coso Community College in Bishop plus $500 in book support to any resident of Inyo County taking more than 9 credits, the board has grown support of more programs, including nursing, EMT and wildland fire.

ESF President, Julie Faber said, “The mission of the Eastern Sierra Foundation is enhancing community through higher education. ESF is now on the third round of assisting graduates with transfer scholarships, supporting students with a $5000 scholarship for two years from the Bishop Cerro Coso Community College Campus to a four year University. That’s a $10k scholarship per student! Our first scholarship recipient just graduated. These students all arrive with a village of support, that’s what they need to thrive. We’ve asked our board members – where can we add value, can it be funded and sustained, does it support the vision and does it support the students and does it support the community. This is clearly a program that does all of the above.”

Rethinking Education through Partnerships

The Eastern Sierra Foundation expanded it’s adult education focus to supporting The Job Spot Programs. This 5-year Job Spot Benefit Fund sets aside $100K each year to Inyo County Office of Education for adult education programs at the Job Spot. This organization continues to support enriching our community by creating more education programs that fit all the needs of the residents Inyo County.