Madelyne Bigham and Dakota Reynolds are the recipients of the 2023 transfer scholarships from the Eastern Sierra Foundation (ESF). Both recipients received a $5,000 check to aid with tuition and fees for the fall of 2023 and if they maintain a 2.0 GPA, send transcripts and communicate with the ESF Board about their progress with school, they will receive another $5,000 each next year.

In addition to supporting the ESF signature funding; a full ride scholarship to Cerro Coso Community College in Bishop plus $500 in book support to any resident of Inyo County taking more than 9 credits, the board has grown support of more programs, including nursing, EMT and wildland fire.

ESF President, Julie Faber said, “The mission of the Eastern Sierra Foundation is enhancing community through higher education. ESF is now on the third round of assisting graduates with transfer scholarships from the Bishop Cerro Coso Community College Campus to a four year University. Our first supported student, Ajia Saunders just graduated. Sydney Ellis is moving onto her last year of college at Chico State and now we have two more students, Madelyne and Dakota headed onto a path of higher education at UNR. These students all arrived with a village of support, that’s what we need to thrive. We’ve asked our board members – where can we add value, can it be funded and sustained, does it support the vision and does it support the students and does it support the community. This is clearly a program that does all of the above.”